Carte pour serveur (Dell Poweredge) - Dell DRAC II Remote Acces Card Série 767 (P/N 743NE)

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The DellTM  Remote Assistant Card II (DRAC II) and Dell Remote Access Card III (DRAC III) provide users with the necessary tools and functionality to monitor, troubleshoot, and repair servers that are around the corner or around the world. 

     The Dell remote-access architecture consists of hardware and software components that allow administrators to do the following:

- Access a server after a server failure, power outage, or loss of a network connection (using a network interface card (NIC) or modem)
- Remotely view a server's internal event logs and power-on self test (POST) codes for diagnostic purposes
- Manage servers in multiple locations from a remote console
- Manage servers by redirecting the console output to a remote console (graphic and text)
- Perform an orderly shutdown of a server for maintenance tasks
- Diagnose a server failure and restart the server
- Alert the administrator using alphanumeric page, numeric page, e-mail, or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap when a server detects an error.

Référence constructeur : Dell DRAC II Remote Acces Card Série 767 (P/N 743NE)

Caractéristiques : 

  • Type : Carte pour serveur
  • Provenance : Dell Poweredge
  • Interface :
  • Compatible avec :
    • PowerEdge 1300, PowerEdge 2400, PowerEdge 2500, PowerEdge 300, PowerEdge 4300, PowerEdge 4400, PowerEdge 6300, PowerEdge 6350, PowerEdge 6400, PowerEdge SC1400 (before 10/04/01), PowerEdge SC300 
    • Platforms: x3xx, x4xx, x5xx, except 1550, non-SC
    • Operating Systems: NT, 2000, RedHat Linux 7.1+, Novell NetWare 4 and 5
    • Software: IE 5.0 or higher, IT Assistant 6.0 or higher

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